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17: Slow traffic is dangerous

I would like to take my fast jetski to the Charles Bridge. But I can't because there are a lot of pedal boats there. I would like to take my Trabant to a Formula 1 race. But I can't because there are Formula 1 cars driving there. Everyone understands this because it is perfectly logical.  

The same goes for bicycles, mopeds and microcars on the single carriage roads in the county. The problem is that they are incomparably slower than other traffic, are extremely vulnerable and cause a lot of stress and accidents, often with serious consequences. 


The solution is simple. Bicycles should be driven in the woods, across the fields or in the city. Mopeds or light motorbikes should be able to keep up with other traffic (chapter 4) and the cardboard microcars should be replaced by fully-fledged but small cars with a limited maximum speed.





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