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44: Camera sight for train drivers

The advanced new ETCS safety system for trains provides greater safety on the track. It is even capable of stopping trains independently, but costs 13 million kronor per train.

The problem is that all this is of little use to me when I, as a car, come to a standstill on the tracks. The train driver only sees me when he comes out of the last bend, and then it is too late. And since the number of accidents between trains and other traffic is many times greater than the number of accidents between trains themselves, this is a problem we must address. 


As a solution, we could install a small camera at each level crossing that shows the local situation on a monitor in the train. The train would then travel from crossing to crossing, as it were. When it passes a crossing, the next one is shown. 


Of course, we cannot prevent all accidents on the tracks with this, but a stalled car or a suicide attempt can be noticed.   

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