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46: Where is the bus stop? 

Within the city limits, especially at rush hour, busses often compromise traffic flow. This is often caused by a bus stopping at a bus stop to pick up passengers. 

The problem is that many bus stops are just simply lines on the asphalt of a road. When a bus stops it effectively blocks the road. This creates a potentially very dangerous situation ; not only for the passengers getting of the bus but also for the cars that want to overtake. The sheer size of the bus makes it impossible to see if there is any oncoming traffic.


The solution is simple and requires the implementation of just one rule: Separate bus stops should be the norm.  The bus stop is besides the road; not on the road. If a road is reconstructed or repaired, the investor (often the municipally) needs to prove that a separate bus stop is physically impossible in order to obtain an exception. Otherwise no building permit will be granted. 


Bus stops on the road


Bus stops are separated from the road

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