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Fewer trucks is better 

We are now used to the long 25.5-metre trucks, although the 18-metre trucks are still the standard. However, two long trucks have as much capacity as three short 18-metre trucks. The problem is that we live in a world where more and more logistics capacity is required. So the standard should be the long trucks. Our road network is simply not inflatable. 

This solution is fairly simple to implement. Our toll booths tell us exactly where a truck is and what it looks like. We can easily use that data to make the tolls cheaper for international 25-metre trucks and increase the rates for international 18-metre trucks. Domestic long distance trucks could then follow in due course.   


Depending on the price changes, in the short term we will have far fewer trucks on the motorway although they will be longer. Good for traffic; good for the environment.  

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