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Where is my cellphone?

Problem: Although cupholders are commonplace in cars, nowadays the problem more often is where to put the phone. 

As there are so many different phones in different sizes and leather phone cases eliminate the usage of all kinds of holders, today the phone usually ends up in a cupholder or empty ashtray

Especially with cars that are not equipped with satnav, people either have hold their phones in one hand while driving the car or look sideways all the time; just to know where they should be going. Very dangerous and heavily fined although sometimes people just don't have any alternative. 

The solution is a simple 3 centimeter deep hole on top of the (left side of the) dashboard with a range of plastic adapters to accommodate the width and thickness of 99% of the phones.

Simple and very cost effective. A solution like this will prevent many accidents and safe many lives. 

In case a simple 12v outlet is placed right next to it, even the most simple cars will have a functional satnav in place.

Why isn't this already the European standard? 

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