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3: Visible beginners

Driving schools are clearly visible in traffic. This is to ensure that all other traffic participants are aware of the limited skills present and allows them to anticipate thus reducing stress for all parties involved.

The problem is that after somebody has passed his or her driving exam, the level of his or her driving skills does not suddenly increase overnight. These people are still very much beginners and until they have driven a couple of years or certain amount of kilometers this will be very much beginners. 

The second problem is that other road participants are not aware of this situation. This causes all kinds of problems and stress. 

The solution would be to make it compulsory for beginner drives to have a sticker on the front- and backside of the car or motorbike. Also elderly people and impaired people could and should have their own signs. 

Stickers like these are very successfully applied in for instance the United Kingdom, Japan, India, France and Canada. 


The number of accidents will be reduced and stress levels will be lower.






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United Kingdom 


Czech republic



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