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All foreigners are hooligans!! 

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Problem: Statistically all foreigners are hooligans. A disproportionately high amount of traffic tickets are yearly issued to foreigners. Why is that?

Imagine living at point A, travelling every day to work at point B, and passing a traffic camera at point C. What are the chances of you getting a ticket? Zero, right? You know it is there.

Along comes a foreigner. A normal man or woman on holidays 800 km from home. He doesn't know of the camera at point C. What are his chances of getting a ticket?

Now obviously stationary speeding cameras are not about knowing their location. On the other hand Europe is all about equality for all people. That is not the case here hence the enormous amount of tickets issued every year to foreigners.


And then there is the second problem: the vastly different penalty rates of countries and the large regional differences in income. An average Swedish ticket could ruin a Rumanian family; a Rumanian ticket is hardly felt by a Swedish family.  



1. option: Dismantle ticket exchange between countries. Like this foreigners only get tickets when being stopped by the police. Like this only real hooligans get tickets. 

2. option: To compensate for the higher probability of getting a ticket from stationary camera's, all foreign tickets are cut by 50%. 

To compensate for regional income difference, every country gets an indexation. So if a Rumanian person (average yearly income: 3,284 euro) gets a ticket in France (22,220 euro), the price of the ticket will be lowered to (3284/22220) or around 15% of the original value. 

Comparatively, a Danish person would get its ticket raised to (30104/22220) around 135%. for the same violation. 

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