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The safest place in a car.... 

Drive a car, look around you, what is the most common number of people in the cars around you? Exactly: 1. 

In case a car with more passengers get involved in a serious accident, often the injuries' vary. One person dies, a couple of people get seriously injured and then there are some people with just a few minor scratches. Why is that? 

Obviously because the dead person sat closest to the point of impact; the uninjured person farthest away. No amount of modern technology, including airbags, can compensate that fact. 

Combine both facts and the conclusion is that the safest place in a car is in the middle. It is farthest away from any impact.


If we all sat in the middle of our cars, many lives would be saved. 

Seating McLaren F1.jpg
Seating Fiat Multipla.jpg
Movable steering wheel Unimog.jpg

3 people side by side in a sportscar

3+3 people in a passenger car.

Dashboard fiat_multipla.jpg

However, obviously this is not very practical when getting in or out of a car. For low speeds (max 50 km/h) and/or short distances people should be able sit on the left (or right) side of the car. Higher speeds would require sitting in the front middle seat.

Due to the fact that most cars no longer have a physical connection between the steering wheel and the front wheels or the pedals and the engine, it should be  easy to install one movable or multiple dashboards into a car.


-Unequalled safety improvement.

-More people fit into a car.

-Lifetime car seats extended.

-Through speed limitations of cars driven LHS or RHS, city traffic will be relaxed.


-A slight cost increase of cars. 

-Interior Design limitations.

A design of an existing Fiat dashboard that would be easy to adapt to a movable steering wheel. 

The existing, movable, dashboard of a Mercedes truck

A computer driving set-up is already nowadays readily available and can be very cheaply and multiple times implemented into a car. 

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