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How much comfort for trucks is dangerous for other road users? 

In Europe we nowadays measure the total length of the combination of truck and trailer. As a result companies try to make the cabin of the truck as short as possible thus allowing for more capacity of the (money making) trailer. 

The problem with that is that truckdrivers have to do without basic hygienic facilities such as a private toilet or shower. 


In the last couple of years we have been getting used to extra long combinations of 25 meters compared to the classic 18 meters length. Although still using a flashing light no increased amount of accidents were recorded.


We need to measure the length of the trailer and truck separately and put limits on them separately. 

Adding an extra meter to the truck will allow for hygienic facilities accessible from the outside of the truck thus separating them from the steering part of the truck. An extra meter will hardly lengthen the overtaking time a lot. 

Partially this may be compensated by installing a Sliding fith wheel mount allowing the trailer to be merely centimeters from the truck; a bit similar to the wagons of trains. 

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