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30: Driving slowly because of roadworkers that aren't there

Problem: One of the most annoying and frustrating things that anyone driving a car can encounter is standing in a congestion or getting a speeding ticket because of roadworks even though no workers are on site. This is especially likely to happen in weekends or in the evening.

On the other hand; road workers need to be protected as well as possible and the thousands of frustrated drivers slowly driving by doing anything but paying attention isn't helping. Last but not least, the police has the impossible and unthankful task of speed checking all vehicles that pass the roadworks; camera's notwithstanding. 

The solution is simple.

Each highway contractor will set up a well marked speed camera, clearly visible for the drivers, at the beginning of the road section where they actually will be working that day. At the end of that section another clearly visible camera will be installed with one trained worker responsible for the whole setup. 

Drivers will now want to slow down at that road section because it is human nature not wanting to hurt anyone. Moreover the measured section is short.  

The police is also happy due to the fact that now they only have to check the correct usage of the speed camera's by the contractors. With limited amount of roadworks this is a task they can easily fulfill. Moreover, the public now appreciates their work.   

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