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27: Railroad crossings should be open as much as possible.

In some countries it is common practice to close a railroad crossing for a train that still has to pick up passengers at the station right before or right after the crossing. Cars are made waiting superfluously long which causes a lot of irritations and frustrations. 

The problem with that is that the next time drivers are more likely and/or willingly to take a risk and pass the railroad crossing at the last moment or even after that. 

Frustration, combined with misjudgment leads to often fatal accidents. People are human. 

The solution is simple. Train operators are only allowed to close railway crossing for a certain amount of time. Fifty seconds before the train comes and 10 seconds after it has passed will satisfy any security needs. Within one minute the crossing should be open again for traffic. 

When drivers are promised 100 euro's for each recorded breach of this rule, no enforcing supervision will ever be needed. 

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