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31: Who wants to park at a hospital or an airport? 

Problem: How many people want to visit a hospital? Exactly: nobody. It's the same as asking people if they would like to visit a morgue. You only go there in case you have to; not because you want to. 

Solution: Parking at hospitals should  be free by law. 

In case the hospital's parking capacity is (miss)used for other reasons, a progressive ticket system could easily prevent this from happening. 

Something similar goes for instance for airports or train- or bus stations when picking up people. Nobody wants our arrivals to wait for us, but there is a big difference between a planned arrival and people actually getting out of the building.

A simple ticket system that would include the flight number would solve this problem. The flight is one hour late? Your parking time is also one hour extended free of charge.  

The transport providers are to blame; they should also pay, not the customers. 

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