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Loud motorbikes saves lives

Loud motorbikes.jpg

In recent times parts of Austria and Holland have been closed for (loud) motorbikes. They seem to annoy the residents of the mountains and the dykes. 

The problem is that the safety of the biker is greatly helped by the loudness of his bike. For instance when driving through residential areas. Children might not see the motorbike, but they will very much hear a loud bike coming


But also when driving through congestion. It only takes one car driver to not check his mirror before changing lanes. Some people even open a door of the car without looking if other traffic is coming from behind. 

The solution is to introduce a minimum loudness or a noise bandwidth for motorbikes at low speeds/revs. Also, just for speeds up to 50 km/h, motorbikes might be equipped with the same electronics that some ambulances use in some countries. It lowers or interrupts the radio of slow driving cars in the vicinity for a couple of seconds.  

It is understandable that a large quantity of bikers driving in front of your house every day is annoying. In this case we need to choose between the annoyance of residents or the lives of bikers.   

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