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So many trucks, so many speeds

Driving over the highway, the amount of indicated maximum speeds shown on trucks is astounding. Tank trucks drive 80, mobile cranes 70, most trucks 90 and a bus 100 km/hour. 


All these groups are frequently overtaking each other in order to gain a minimal time advantage. This is a problem that needs to stop. because it is causing a lot of frustrations and dangerous situations among other road users.

The solution or rule should be that all vehicles over 10 tons of weight should have the same minimum and maximum speed: 90 km/hour.  

  • Tank trailers can be designed to almost stop liquid movement within the trailer although this movement is very limited already on the highways.

  • Most trucks are nowadays equipped with close to 500 bhp so altitude changes do not play any role. 

  • Trucks can determine the distance they have to the truck in front of them when entering the highway and it will stay that way the whole trip. They'll have a much better chance of anticipating to traffic. 

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