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A standard onboard camera is a good thing

Behind the windscreen of every car are nowadays so many sensors that it is surprising that a small recording camera hasn't found its way there as well. 

With an integrated SD card and a one button operation on the steering wheel, so many traffic accidents and incidents can be clarified so easily. 

Nowadays people have to buy separate camera's that are more difficult to operate and have cables going through the car. 

An standard integrated recording camera would be a very cheap update on the car indeed. It's tasks would include a blackbox function, a proving function and a reporting function. Knowing that each car is equipped with this will have a profound effect on the way people drive. 

The holy grail. 

A model that is integrated info the rear view mirror seems to be the best solution. The authorities could endorse certain models financially and logistically making it very easy for people to install one in the car.

New cars should be standardly equipped by the car manufacturers. . 

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