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39: It's not the flying that hurts; it is the landing... 

Crashing with a motorbike isn't fun. However, it is not so much the crashing that hurts; often it is the landing. 

In other words; as long as a motorcyclist doesn't hit anything he usually will have only minor injuries. Hitting a tree, a car or a pole is when people get really hurt or die. 

Problem: for unknown reasons road authorities have decided in the last couple of years that it would be safer to add (!!!) more poles on the roads where bikers can kill themselves. They are called guardrails. Especially long straight main roads ending in sharp curve are a sure bet for casualties. A study of the association for the advancement of automotive medicine (2007, Hampton C. Gabler) showed that in the USA motorbikes account for less then 1% of all guardrails collision but over 30% of all guardrail fatalities! 


Solution: please see below. When a lighter, additional barrier is added to the guardrails, bikers might brake an arm or leg, but so many far more serious injuries will be prevented. 


Please to implement everywhere; but with priority in high speed- or very sharp corners especially when guardrails are already installed.  

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