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Where are you going? 


-Turn signals that many cars have integrated in the headlights are barely visible due to the fact that other road users have to look into the headlight unit to see them.

-Some turn signals are barely visible due to a lack of Lumen. This goes especially for older cars during daytime. 


-Unlike headlights where oncoming traffic has to be taken into account this much less applies to the brightness of turn signals. A minimum amount of Lumen needs to be set. This should be checked at each MOT. 

-Turn signals on mirrors are much more effective than turn signals integrated in the headlight units. This is especially true for older cars who therefore need to be retrofitted with aftermarket LED turn signals on the mirrors. 

As LED lights nowadays are very inexpensive and for most cars connecting existing turn signals with the new ones is a simple operation, this measure will have only very limited financial impact on the owners of cars

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