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32: Horizontal street signs need to be reliable... 

Problem: Horizontal signage should provide drivers with reliable information based upon which they can make decisions.  However, it seems that in many countries these lines are drawn randomly. In a unclear bend a dashed line (see picture) and on a long straight a solid line.

It often doesn't make sense at all which results in the widespread ignorance of this signage by the drivers. 

This obviously, combined with human misjudgment, leads to very serious accidents. Head on collisions with a combined speeds of over 200 km/h almost always leads to people getting severely hurt or worse.  

Solution: Ask the general public, through financial incentives, for help finding faulty signage. In a very short time all problematic stretches of road should be identified and corrections can be made.  

When people once more can rely on the "stripes on the road" to be correct, they will start to take them more seriously. This will impact their behaviour on the roads. Many wounded a casualties can be safed. 


Also the work of the police (handing out traffic tickets for crossing lines) starts to make sense again. 

bocht met stippellijn.png
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