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34: How fast through a sharp corner?

Problem: Often, before a sharp corner, the speed limit is reduced. There are 2 things wrong with that. 

Firstly, as a driver I still have no idea what is coming except a that there will probably be a sharper corner. 

Secondly this speed reduction does not at all take my car or the weather conditions into account. A Porsche might be able to go through that corner at 130 km/h while a fully loaded truck in the rain might need to reduce its speed to less than 40 km/h. 

The solution is to put under the sign the radius of the corner. Now I know that the upcoming corner will have for instance maximally 59 degrees which is okay for my current conditions. And the same goes for the truck driver.  

As a driver I need info that I can rely on. When I go through the above mentioned corner at 60 km/h and find out that I could have gone 130, the next time I will be in a similar situation I'll just ignore the sign. After all, I am only human.....and then I crash...... 

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