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Why can't I swap my carseat? 

Problem: Doesn't this annoy you as well? After 50.000 km the drivers car seat starts to show some wear and tear while the passengers seat is still as good as new. As the car ages, so does especially one seat in the car as well. 

Swapping the upholstery however is nearly impossible because car manufacturers found it necessary to put the screws that hold it in place in just the wrong spot. There is a separate drivers seat upholstery and there is a separate passenger seat upholstery. 

So a task that should not take more then 20 minutes to do, now becomes hugely complicated and specialized job. Completely superfluous

Solution: Car manufacturers should not be allowed to design seats of which the upholstery isn't interchangeable

Like this car seats will last longer. Good for consumers, good for the environment. 

Carseat repaired.png
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