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15: Penalty rates are unclear.

It is difficult to comply when something is unclear. 

Problem: It seems that nowadays the penalty rates are just randomly chosen. Nationally there is no structure in them and internationally it is an outright mess. As such they are very difficult for people to remember and/or understand. Complying difficulties are the logical result. 

Solution: Let's divide the penalty rates into 4 groups based upon the only 2 criteria that matter: Premeditation and endangering. The groups can subsequently be rated financially:

1: Not dangerous for others and not premeditated: 100 euro (and 0 points)

2: Not dangerous for others but premeditated:        300 euro (and 4 points) 

3: Dangerous for others and premeditated:             450 euro (and suspension of drives license) 

4: Dangerous for others but not premeditated:        300 euro (and 4 points)

Examples for group 1:

Speeding up to 15% 

Driving with a broken windshield*

Driving with only one license plate

Driving with non-prescribed license plates* 

Crossing the solid line; Overtaking where not allowed 

Unpermitted entrance to ecological zones

Driving without a safety belt*

Missing car seat for children 140 cm+

Overtaking on the right side on a motorway or motorway*

Turning without indicating direction

Wrong parking

Examples for group 2:

Speeding 15 - 40%

Running a red railway crossing without passengers

Driving with no license plates

Blocking of an intersection

Entering environmental zones  

Examples for group 3:

Running a red railway crossing with passengers

Speeding over 40%

Alcohol more than 1,00‰: 

Turning a car on the highway

Accelerating while being overtaken

Missing car seat for babies and toddlers (90 cm-)

Examples for group 4:

Running a red light 

Not giving way 

Missing car seat for children 140 cm-

Telephoning without handsfree 

Alcohol less than 1,00‰:

Driving unnecessarily on the left on a motorway or motorway: 

Stopping without necessity on the emergency lane

Endangering people who want to get in or out of the bus or tram 

Non working brake lights or indicators

Wrong parking at a disabled parking lot

Last few remarks: 

-Like this people do not have to know the traffic law. The only thing to remember is whether you are endangering others and whether you commit misdemeanors premeditated. If yes, you know that you are in trouble and how much it is going to cost you.    

-Police officers are always able to switch an offence from one group to another as soon as it is obvious that an offence was or wasn't premeditated and/or dangerous. 

-Offences that directly lead to an accident should get an extra penalty. (up to 1000 euro's?). 

-A point system can easily be integrated. 

-Offences that involve issues concerning the car, should get their license plate temporarily revoked until the police or MOT says the car is okay again. 

-From the offences mentioned in group 1 with * a fifth group could be formed for very small misdemeanors. These are the cases where a police officer normally would only give you a warning.  

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