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Try to see through dark windows.

Problem: One of the most important aspects of driving safely in being able to anticipate on traffic situations. The car in front of you blocks your view; especially if it is an SUV, truck or bus. But also if the car has blinded or darkened back windows. 

Yes, these windows might keep the interior a few degrees colder, but it doesn't work if the car is in the direct sun. And when the engine is running, the air condition of the car is much more effective. 

Solution: But the biggest issue of of darkened windows is traffic safety. You can't see through them, thus people react too late on traffic situations thus accidents happen. Black windows should be abolished. 


Look at the Octavia or the Mercedes. Now look at the Mondeo. I can see a child

walking in front of that car. With the other two cars I have no idea what is going on 

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