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Consumer protection 

Many countries register the total amount of kilometres a car has driven. This to ensure that the tachometer is not tampered with.

Other countries also register major accidents.

Why not register all major repairs to a car? 

Problem / Examples:

-the hydraulics of the 6 speed automatic gearbox of the Audi A6/A7 overheats causing catastrophic failure of the box.

-The timing chain of the TSI engines of VW and Skoda engines were failing with very expensive engine damages as a result. 

-Renault had so many major issues with the Laguna 1 model that the company's reputation is suffering up until today; 20 years later. 

-The valve covers of the BMW's straight 6 engines was notoriously known for failing.  

Nowadays the decision of recalling a certain car model is made only by the manufacturers. Here economics play a major role. This is far from ideal for consumers.

Solution: If for instance Audi is obliged to register the sales of all gearbox parts, (including the VIN of the car it is going to be used on) then the authorities can monitor the situation and make Audi recall gearboxes or compensate the owners.

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