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Why can't I just say it? 

Problem: Nowadays it's easier to speak to somebody on the other side of the world than to get in  touch with the  person driving right in front of you. 

Not being able to communicate leads to  misunderstandings and a lot of stress. 


Solution: Short term: 

Nowadays we have a couple of rather primitive ways of communicating with other cars at our disposal. As a short term solution we could standardize and formalize these; just like other road signs. For instance:   

  1. Horn short bursts: I disagree with what you just did. 

  2. Horn long burst: Watch out!! 

  3. Flashing light long burst: Please go ahead. I give you right of way. 

  4. Flashing light short bursts: Please be careful. I am coming through and will not stop. 

  5. Turn signal left on a highway: please, kindly let me pass. 

  6. Turn signal right on a highway: I'll stay in my lane; please overtake me asap. 

  7. Short double turn signal: Thank you! 

  8. Fog lights front: I'm kind of in a hurry. If you move over I'll pass you as fast as I can.   

  9. Fog light behind: You are doing something that I do not like. Please refrain from doing so. 

Solution: Long term: 

License plate recognition is a low-tech technology that is readily available. When used on cars we should be able to talk to the cars in our immediate vicinity; either regulated or non-regulated. A bit like a mini CB radio's that truckers use. 

Privacy issues might be a concern although this is very unlikely. Walking down a busy street usually also does not evoke unwanted communication between people. Moreover, the same as with black boxes in a plane; the conversation can be automatically recorded and saved for a few days. People will thus be careful with what they say over the "radio". 

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