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Car seats; comfortably crashing

Problem: Have you ever been on those wide comfy car seats that offer almost no side support? It is really very pleasant......until you crash. 

If a car seat is not able to hold you in place; if you are not able to control your own ass, how are you going to control your car when you, for instance, need to do an evasive move to avoid an accident? 

Solution: Car seats should be awarded points and financial consequences according to their ability to keep you seated during lateral forces. It is the governments job to reward safe seats and punish unsafe, flat seats. It should be budget neutral for them. 

Obviously people have different sizes. However "sports seats" will always be better. An alternative would be to work with side cushions that can be in- or deflated as needed. Many car seats have them nowadays already in the backrest.  

In any case it will safe a lot of lives... 

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