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35: Speed camera's everywhere? 


Nowadays it seems that new speeding camera's are added to our roads every day and not always it is clear why. 


Political reasons, budget goals, incompetent road-management, police misjudgment and pressure of manufacturing companies do lead to the installation of camera's in places where it is rather obvious that traffic safety wasn't the first priority. 

On the contrary: Often, when drivers see a speeding camera they will violently break, concentrate on their speedometer and lose sight of the traffic situation surrounding them. This means that traffic safety actually decreases. 

The solution is simple and requires implementing only one rule: "A camera can only be installed when in physical sight of the future speed camera 4 major incidents have happened over he last year and excessive speed was the principal reason". 

Traffic density, the presence of houses, frequent speed violations, etc., etc. just aren't reasons by themselves to justify yet another speed camera.

Obviously, in case a new camera is installed, and it turns out that the frequency of tickets is extremely high, the road should be adjusted.  

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