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13: A minister of infrastructure and a minister of transport...

Problem: It seems weird; having 2 ministers working on traffic. However, the sad truth is that nowadays most ministers responsible for traffic have no clue about traffic "as a system". They see their ministries at best as a building company that should run and operate as efficiently as possible in order to be able to ensure maintenance and expansion of the roads. 


Without a plan, a concept on how to improve traffic as such, not much is going to change. This is exactly what has happened in the last couple of decades. The non-functioning traffic system remained pretty much the same with only some minor technological improvements. 

With hundreds of millions of traffic tickets and 1,35 million casualties every year that simply won't do. 

Solution: The sole responsibility of a minister of infrastructure would be to build and maintain roads. A minister of traffic should only focus on finding ways to improve traffic(flow). Or, in other words, finding ways on how to improve traffic as a system. Due to the fact that he or she must be able to implement these changes politically he or she needs to be in a senior position within the government. 


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